Our Brand

We’re two young Kiwis, who are proud to call New Zealand home, with a common goal to share what we are blessed to have with the rest of the world. We created WildCrate, a growing New Zealand business whose mission is to connect more Kiwis and the world, with the amazing creations, culture and land we have to offer as a Nation. WildCrate offers a premium subscription crate. We send you the highest quality products, made in Aotearoa, every season. Our aim is to expose you to Aotearoa's incredible, undiscovered craftsmanship and encourage mindful exploration of our beautiful whenua while supporting Aotearoa's local business environment on every level.

The Source.

We aim to support the little guys and girls in NZ so you usually won’t find our featured products in the larger supermarkets or chains (unless they are just so dang good and made our list that we couldn’t resist). 

Your Home.

We make sure not to clutter your homes, so the products we hand-pick can either be used or consumed and enjoyed by you. 

Our World.

We love our incredible earth, so making environmentally conscious decisions are a top priority everyday.