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Kia Ora! Gifting with WildCrate means you’ll be gifting 100% NZ Made.
We've made it simple. Either choose one of our thoughtfully curated gift boxes or curate your own! No matter what, you'll be putting a big smile on someone's face just a few days later.
Scroll down to pick a pre-designed WildCrate or to custom design your own!

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Get creative - curate your own!

Want to curate your own WildCrate for a friend or even yourself? It's easy!

1. Add a premium wooden gift crate to your cart

2. Choose up to 6 items from the Nui range

3. Add up to 4 items from the Iti range

4. Choose a card + Write your Message (only if you want to!)

We'll get busy with the finishing touches and will send it off to your chosen address!

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2. The Nui Range - Choose up to 6 items

3. The Iti Range - Add up to 4 of these little delights

It's as easy as that!

By gifting with WildCrate you've supported an awesome group of Kiwis and their families. We hope you and your WildCrate recipient are stoked with all the NZ made goodies we've sourced just for you!

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