Big Changes

We’re getting close to launch. Very close. Too close.

So close in fact, we may have to postpone by just a little bit. I didn’t realise how much the Christmas and New Years break would affect our business timeline. During this time of year, it’s busy, but not in a way that supports our To Do list. I find myself waiting A LOT. Waiting for an email, for a quote, for the right time to post, for products to arrive, an idea to come, it never ends! I’ll tell you something else that never ends, changes.

Changes have been something I didn’t expect a couple of months ago. Knowing what I know now, that was a very naive perspective. Lately, we have been going through some BIG changes, or at least changes that seem drastic to me. Different strategies, suppliers, business plans and concepts have been developing every day and sometimes it’s hard to let go. The latest thing I’ve learnt is to remove yourself from a personal standpoint and think purely about the business, the customers, the clients, the environment. Whichever may be affected by your decision, if not all. Don’t get sentimental or attached to an idea, at the end of the day, it’s business. It’s your business, but, it’s business. You won’t be able to continue and do the thing that you love if you’re losing money. And that’s the ugly truth.

One of the strengths about creating a business with a team, whether that’s two people or 10, is it makes certain you’re not blinded by your own perspective. Not a day goes past that Flo and I don’t disagree about something, or at least challenges one’s opinions. It’s taken a while to get used to the criticism and disagreements but it all pays off when you look at how far your business has come. If you’re a lone entrepreneur, I applaud you. That’s a hard task. But if you find yourself stuck, find someone to chat with and discuss an idea; to turn down the headlights and make sure you can see the road in front of you.

If you don’t have that someone around, I’m more than happy to have a chat. Fling me a message and let’s get through this together!

Thanks for sticking around!

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