Mini Breakdown

So this next blog entry is going to consist of an email I wrote to my amazing mother whilst having my mini breakdown.

Stay tuned and enjoy!


24th January | 7.56am | Don’t know what to do.

Hey Mum,

Hope your week is going well!

I’ve had a big think about WildCrate and if I’m honest with myself, I’m just not putting in the amount of time, work and energy that it needs right now. I would like to focus on my Operations Role (my main hustle/not WildCrate for you blog readers) because I do enjoy it there and feel like I could get a lot of good skills and experience working there, but WildCrate is always at the back of my mind and causing a lot of distress in my everyday. I definitely think I could push at it/change it up and make it work, however, I’m just not enjoying it enough right now in order to make this happen.

The main reason why this thinking all started, I believe, is because I felt like I was sucked into trying to get people to Buy Buy Buy. I started WildCrate because I wanted to Gift, Treat and Surprise, not contribute to overconsumption habits.

I was thinking, yesterday, that I could switch things up and move away from subscription/seasonal crates into more of the special occasion/gifting/corporate area which would take a little pressure off the pace of things. This would still take a lot of work and I’d have to re-think a lot of it.

The major thing is, if I were to switch it up like this, I’d need to sell all my current stock first in order to have the money to move forward.

I don’t know.

This is all a bit of a ramble but I’m not too sure what to do. I half decided last night that I was going to stop it all together. It’s just hard when you’ve already put in a lot of work and time. It seems like a big waste to throw it all away now.

It’s also really hard when it’s all just up to me. I’m so grateful I have Flo and you guys (who are a massive help when I need to chat/do markets/bounce ideas etc.) but it’s not the same as if it were OUR company.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts.


Love you heaps xx




So there’s a sneak peek into the rambling thoughts of me - a trying 22 year old entrepreneur. It’s completely unedited and I feel a little vulnerable putting it out there, but I think it’s a very realistic look into the not so pretty side of starting a business and to show you guys and other entrepreneurs that we all struggle!

I started this blog in order to track my WildCrate journey and this here, I feel, is a major point in the timeline.


Cheers guys!

I’ll see you soon.


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  • Lisa

    Kiaora Rawinia. Thanks so much for the crate sent to us way down on Stewart Island. I had a family of six for Christmas when the crate arrived. It was a real treat as we sampled the goodies. I will certainly recommend to my friends. Ka rawe to mahi . Lisa

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