The Journey of WildCrate

The WildCrate Journey is only just beginning, yet I have so much to share.

WildCrate was born over a semester of long daydreams. At first it was simply an idea, one of the many we (Flo and I) would throw around while cooking, cleaning, or just driving round town. However this idea was different. It really connected with me, it was something I became passionate for and couldn’t stop thinking about. I’ve always loved gifts, whether that’s giving them or receiving them, and the thought of sharing this creative side of myself with so many more people, was eye opening and exciting!

As full-time students and part-time workers we had a full plate, so WildCrate was a brewing idea for many months. It wasn’t until the horror came of finding a summer job, locked up doing who-knows-what for little pay, that pushed me over the edge and into this crazy ride. We wondered, if the business isn’t a huge success at least we would’ve had the experience of our lives while learning a ton along the way. Luckily, we had the savings we needed, from our part-time jobs, to kick start our business. We were also fortunate to have each other, with Flo’s skills in being an absolute nerd on a computer and my own passion and vision for the business’s larger picture, we really had no excuse not to start.

Exams rolled around and left as quickly as they came. Next came a giant list of things we needed, but didn’t know how, to do. How overwhelming it was. Trust me, there were and still are days where doubt fills my entire body, where I ask myself “what are we doing?” and “why are we doing it?” however from what I’ve heard this is all pretty normal. Fingers crossed.

What I’ve learnt so far is that starting a business consumes every inch of you, sometimes you have to learn to switch it off and have a break so that tomorrow you have the energy to kick ass again. I have also learnt an incredible amount about starting and running a business already, it’s crazy! Although, I feel like I began with a 10 year old’s amount of knowledge in this area so I guess I’ve caught up now, here’s hoping.

To keep you in the loop we are probably at Stage 2 of 10000000000 in this journey. But I thought it would be cool to keep record of this story and share it with anyone out there who’s also interested.


Thanks for reading!

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