Featured Brands

Our Summer Crate was filled with refreshing beverages, berry delights and island scents, all created by some of our incredible Kiwi friends. If you want to learn a little more about what these cool Kiwi businesses are about, I encourage you to read below! 

Raptor Rubs

Raptor Rubs, created by a busy kiwi mum, are all natural, gourmet herb and spice blends for everyone who loves good food and quick, easy meal ideas. Their rubs are made in New Zealand using all natural ingredients - no fillers, additives or preservatives!


Foundry Chocolate

Foundry Chocolate celebrates and accentuates the remarkable personalities of the world’s finest cacao by crafting and aging micro-batches of bean-to-bar chocolate from scratch – using only two ingredients: Cacao Beans and Organic Sugar - all from their little foundry in Mahurangi, New Zealand.

Little Beauties

Little Beauties is a Nelson based family business making dried feijoa, kiwifruit and boysenberries either plain or paired with white or dark chocolate. Their use of kiwi icons, such as the feijoa and kiwifruit, makes them stand out of the crowd. They aim to make their little beauties available to everybody who shares their love for New Zealand produce or those intrigued to discover it.

Harpoon Cold Brew Coffee

Cold water, coffee and time is all it takes to make the delicious Harpoon Cold Brew. An 18 hour, cold filtered water brew extracts only the light and delicate flavours of the coffee. As a result Harpoon Cold Brew is a refreshing way to drink coffee. Clean and smooth with no sugar or anything artificial.

The Ama Life
The Ama life is about being outside, active and adventurous! The Ama crew have developed awesome products made for themselves and adventurers alike using natural ingredients sourced from suppliers who are ethical and sustainable. Their products are also packaged in recycled, recyclable or reusable packaging to do their bit in helping out our oceans.

William and Emerson

William and Emerson, named after the street corner which they live on, make hand made candles that look as great as they smell! This little wellington company is incredibly creative. You’ll love their unique scents.



Pete's Natural Lemonade

Petes Natural creates refreshing and delicious sparkling drinks using all natural ingredients and way less sugar! They use 100% New Zealand grown fruit and organic ingredients where they can.



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